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Rhube's Journal of Privacy

A journal of slightly possible things

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Please note: I rarely look at my PM inbox, so please don't expect a response if you PM me. I'm here for the journal, friends page, and communities - I have enough inboxes to worry about as it is, and don't need another to keep track of.

Greetings. This journal is a mixture of angst and squee, so consider yourself warned on both fronts.

To my fannish friends: I'm afraid I am a frequent poster, and much of it concerns my everyday life. On the otherhand, people from my everyday life probably get absolutely sick of the fannish squee too, so it's all good.

If you're one of those weird people who wants everyone to behave as though they are happy, and are liable to post narky comments at the first sign of angst, this journal is not for you: please go back to your bubble. However, if you live in the real world, fear not! It's not all about the angst. A lot of the time it's about the squee. At the moment my main TV squee zones are Doctor Who, Heroes, Dexter, Mad Men, and Dollhouse (curse you Fox!). My current eye-candy squee zones are Bradley James, Alexis Denisof, and Peter Davison. I'm also a bit into playing Oblivion, atm. These are liable to change without warning.

In RL I do a range of part-time jobs to fund my part-time PhD in Philosophy, at the University of If-You-Don't-Already-Know-I'm-Not-Telling-You ;-p I'm also a writer, an artist, a proofreader, an admin assistant, a GTA and pretty much anything else I can turn my hand to to make a shiny penny. I'm the opposite of rich, but as long as I can cobble together enough to pay my tuition fees next year I'm not going to panic just yet...

I would like to see more kittens in my life, also more boyfriends and sex (but that's not an invitation for applicants - although all kittens are welcome).

Tea is good.

This journal is Friends Only. Sorry, but I have my reasons.
If you're in Fandom, I may friend you back if I've seen you around and we've conversed in comms enough, but please understand that I'm a little wary of people friending me when I'm not sure who they are, so I may not return the favour if you friend me; and it's not to do with you, I'm just being careful.

In Fandom Art

If you've seen me through fandom, but we haven't conversed much, you might want to get to know me through rhubicon - this is my icon and fan art journal, and it is not friendslocked. People who friend that journal will not automatically be friended by this one, but you might be if I get to know you. I am crap at checking this journal, but almost always use it to post my fan art & icons, and this increases my frequency of contact with the outside world.

And, because I'm an icon geek:



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