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Rhube's Journal of Privacy
A journal of slightly possible things
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11th-Aug-2009 12:21 pm - Hint Fiction Anthology
(Deflocked for Great Justice, and/or profit.)

25 words, hinting at a story with greater depth. $25 per story (yes, that's $1 per word) to be published in an anthology expected 2010. Am I going for this? Yes I am! And I'm willing to bet that Mr Al, at least, might want to give it a go (knowing that you've tried your hand at twitter stories).

And, in a feat of sheer advertising cunning, you can send three stories rather than two if you link to them. Yes, that's why this is deflocked. Afterall - why the heck not?

13th-Apr-2009 11:22 am - Oh, wow: Amazonfail
Are those men kissing
Thanks to ajodasso for linking me to this - hadn't heard anything, but apparently areas of the internet have been exploding.

Anyway: Amazon have been crap in a way strongly suggestive of homophobia, or at least bowing to homophobic pressures. They've removed all material relating to homosexuality from their ratings lists and from certain search functions on the basis that it is 'adult' content. This includes history books and books on parenting for homosexual couples. Although, as Fabu notes, it does not include books on 'curing' homosexuality.

Feeling pretty disgusted, here. :-/

[Edit:] De-flocked just for you, baby: adding to the Google Bomb - Amazon Rank.

Also, icon changed because I can't believe I didn't use this one before!
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